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I spent 5 weeks at the food-forest procect. In short: a really beautiful place with a gigantic view and a host who really makes an effort! I was on the finca in January, when the pruning of the various fruit trees was due. The work was varied, from pruning, shredding branches, mulching, digging up broken trees, planting new trees, laying water pipe for the compost, weeding, picking fruit and when the weather was bad we were in the cellar helping to distil brandy and make liqueur. If you want to learn, you can really learn a lot of different things at the finca. As the many other volunteers have already written, the accommodation – a Mongolian yurt – was just great. There were three of us in the yurt, it was just great and we had a lot of fun. Be carefull the winter may be too cold for some people. The hosts really made an effort to show and explain a lot to us. The day starts at 8 a.m. with coffee or tea, planning the day and first explanations. Punctually at 10.30 a.m. there is a different breakfast every day, which is often more lunch than breakfast. Avocados from their own harvest, freshly squeezed orange juice with oranges and grapefruit or lemons from the finca, eggs from their own chickens, porridge, pasta, homemade jams. Be ready to live a different life that what you are use to and have fun.


Dear Enzo Deluca, Thank you very much for your nice review. It was also a pleasure to have you here at our food-forest project and to support us energetically. It is a dream for every host to have a volunteer like you. You have know-how, you are hard-working and in a good mood every day. You asked the right questions and did all the tasks perfectly. Whether it was pruning, working in the workshop, planting trees or helping with distilling and all the other tasks on a finca, it was all great. Where some other helpers like to get in the back of the queue, you were always at the front. And where there is work, there can also be celebrations, and so our evening rounds of liqueurs and conversations were also a lot of fun. I can unreservedly recommend you to any host or employer and wish you good luck on your further journey. We would be very happy to hear from you again. All the best, Josef