Eco Farm on Tenerife

Eco Farm on Tenerife – Permaculture & Food Forest

Eco Farm on Tenerife: Do you want to learn about self-sufficiency, organic farming, organic cultivation or even permaculture on Tenerife? You are welcome to visit us at our finca in the green north of Tenerife and take part in one of our guided tours or workshops.

Why an ecological farm on Tenerife?

We worked in the food processing industry for many years and noticed that the quality of food was steadily decreasing, while prices were increasing. We experienced that more and more people were living in single households and that the joy of cooking, but also the knowledge of preparing healthy food, was becoming less and less. On the other hand, the market for ready-made products was getting bigger and bigger. So the desire arose in us to take care of the food ourselves as soon as we had enough time for it.

At the same time, we saw how society in Germany was changing more and more in a direction that was no longer our direction. This is how our farm on Tenerife, run according to ecological and organic principles, came into being.

Today we are happy to pass on our knowledge to fellow human beings who intend to take a similar step or who have already taken this step but are still looking for some support.

A farm on Tenerife – what made the beginning very difficult?

It’s not easy to leave your home, where you grew up, leave behind friends and family, a secure job and much more. And it’s not easy to go to a country whose language you don’t speak, whose customs you don’t know and throw yourself into a project you don’t really know anything about.

But the start is made when you set off, actually slam the car doors and drive off. The only difficult thing for the beginning was the fear of letting go of the old. However, once that step was taken, everything started to become very easy.

Eco farm on Tenerife - Permaculture & Food Forest
Eco farm on Tenerife – Permaculture & Food Forest

What was really difficult?

We had a vision of what we wanted to achieve, but no idea where the stumbling blocks were. You can find a lot of information about Tenerife on the internet, the best restaurants, the most beautiful beaches, the best car rental companies. But that’s just information for tourists.

Information on how to find a good finca, information on property rights, the soil is not contaminated with herbicides, what you can grow where, what you have to watch out for, you can hardly find any useful tips on that. And the few contacts on the internet quickly crystallised as balcony gardeners.


What was helpful?

What was really helpful were conversations with other finca owners and visits to other fincas on Tenerife. And not with finca owners who are just starting out, but with those who have already made it. Because it is not a matter of copying beginner’s mistakes, but of avoiding time-consuming and expensive mistakes. Adopting good ideas.

First-hand experience directly from Tenerife was important. Because other regions, e.g. Germany, Portugal, Spain, show different problems for self-supporters than in the tropical or subtropical part of Tenerife. And it even goes so far that you can’t compare the dry south of Tenerife with the green north of Tenerife.


What happened on our finca in Tenerife over the last 10 years?

We bought our finca in 2012 with about 12,000 m² of land and a building that was not quite finished. We modelled/levelled the terrain, rebuilt about 600 cubic metres of stone walls, restored old stone walls, planted about 300 fruit trees, created deep beds, raised beds and raised beds, built a water tank and an extensive irrigation system, compost boxes and much more. In 2019 we expanded the finca by 4,000 sqm and established a permaculture with tropical food forest, restored the finca.

With this, we can pass on experience from 30 years of business consulting, 20 years of real estate business, 10 years of food processing and now also 10 years of construction and self-sufficiency on a finca.