Volunteering Canary Islands | Volunteering Tenerife

Volunteering Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are located about 250 KM west of Africa and are a popular tourist destination. Volunteering Canary Islands: There are many opportunities to volunteer, travel and save money in the Canary Islands with WorkAway, WWOOF and other exchange platforms.

The system of the exchange platforms is very similar: the volunteer provides his working time and know-how, the host offers free board and lodging in addition to a cultural exchange. In this way, the traveller reduces his costs, saves an expensive hotel stay and gets to know the country and its people in a completely different way.

Volunteering Canary Islands: There are many reasons

There are many reasons for a holiday or volunteering in the Canary Islands. Due to its special location and its year-round mild temperatures, Tenerife, for example, is also called the island of eternal spring. Especially those who want to avoid the cold winter months in Central Europe can reach the warm south in a flight time of less than 5 hours. The Canary Islands, especially Tenerife, Gran Canaria, La Gomera and last but not least El Hierro are also known as hikers‘ paradises. On Tenerife it is possible within 2-3 hours to hike on the Teide, Spain’s highest mountain, and then spend a relaxing afternoon on one of the many beaches. The leisure value in the Canary Islands is very high.

How expensive is life on the Canary Islands?

As a volunteer on the Canary Islands you are not interested in the cost of living, because the host takes care of your room and board. Nevertheless, it is interesting to know that the cost of living is on the cheaper side compared to other holiday destinations in Europe. If you would like to enjoy the local gastronomy as a volunteer, this is also possible with a manageable budget. Of course, the islands differ somewhat in their price levels, but as a rule of thumb, the less tourism, the cheaper the cost of living.